Artisan-Shaper, Surfer

Every wave is perfect. Every surfer is unique. get stoked!


“If I do a better board for someone, he’ll surf better.  And the better he surfs, the happier he’ll be! ”



The joy and energy that we surfers draw from the waves goes beyond words. By creating surfboards, I try to help surfers access these sensations in the purest and most natural way.

I design efficient and intuitive shapes that maintain speed and natural flow. The surfer is free. He can concentrate on his lines and travel the wave in his own way.

I do not focus on competition boards, but they aren’t retro either. I see my boards as high-performance radical cruisers


I take my job very seriously! Creating a good board is the result of an almost symbiotic exchange between a surfer and his shaper. It is a privileged relationship that I love. I am listening to the surfer. The diversity of shapes allows everyone to express themselves on the waves. Surfing and surfboards are constantly evolving. It gets me going. I research boards that have made history as well as recent developments. I blend those with my own ideas and experiences. I want to create the board that suits each surfer whatever his style or skills.

Your next surfboard will be like you, unique!

Who’s that Guy?

Hi, I am Guy Serjeant. I am from the South-West of England. As a boy, I was addicted to surfing. I drew perfect waves in my school books. I read surf magazines from A to Z. And, I dreamed of traveling. As a young lad, I decided to live as a surfer. It meant: surfing beyond white water, having long hair and driving an old VW van.

Having no qualifications or experience, I managed to live my adventures as best I could. For example, I picked fruit in New Zealand. It was great. We were working with nature. There were great untouched surf spots close by. We even surfed before going to work. 

After a few years of traveling and odd jobs, I returned to England to train in a sea-related craft. I did a 3-year apprenticeship with a fishing boats manufacturer . Thanks to this know-how, I started to make my own surfboards.

Today, I am over 35 years old. I gave up long hair and I am not driving a VW.  Since 2012, I have lived  in Saint-Jean-de-Luz, in the Basque Country. I have set up Guy Surfboards workshop there.

Every board I create is part of this humble journey. And, I keep going beyond white water. Anything can happen there…


SHAPES made to measure

I create custom surfboards. Here are examples of shapes that I love to build and surf for your inspiration!

*Hi, if you click on a  type of shape below, you will be redirected to a detailed page in French. Sorry, it has  not been translated yet but images should speak for themselves 😉


Compact and performant

Efficient, easy to handle and light, They many aficionados.

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Overdose of sensations

These boards offer a flexible and fast flow in every condition.

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One fin is enough! Simple, fast and effective. Purity of lines.

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Radically generous

Comfortable paddle. Catch any wave. Ride them radically.

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Oldschool & noseride

Whatever your style, it must be part of your quiver!

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Off the wall

Boards with guts you can rely on! No limits but your own.

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Feel the flow

Without fins, we go back to the origins of the surf feeling.

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Unique features for You are unique!


Seeing life in technicolor? Do not hesitate any longer. Get the “blueberry blue” or “canary yellow” board of your dreams! A tinted resin gives it style and deptht. And, it will alter less in the sun.


This fiberglass is thicker, more solid. It has a nice very light green tint. It is of the most beautiful effect.

You like it sober and elegant, VOLAN is made for you!


Very efficient in glassy waves, channels ensure high propulsion speed. They also guide the board with greater precision. in straight lines.

Add a turbo to your board!


Tired of your thruster? Add plugs allowing several fin set-ups. Single, twin, thruster, quad, bonzer, etc… Rediscover your board according to your desires and the waves you ride!


What about a small fiber and resin bridge to attach the leash? It is both solid and useful. The board comes back to you with more ease when you pull on the leash. It is a very elegant detail.


Laminated fixed fins are stylish! And, above all, they convey the force you apply on the board to the fins evenly for a smoother ride. Careful on the plane, though!


Insert double or triple wooden slats into the foam core. They bring more rigidity and solidity. And, they dress up your board nicely, especially for long ones.


This final touch brings shine and enhances color. It makes it perfectly smooth to the touch. It is mirror-like on dark boards.
A work of art to hang on the wall


I am particularly happy to propose wooden surfboards. They represent a sustainable and efficient alternative to preserve the environment. They are strong and light. While riding, the wood offers a very natural feel.

I have developed a process to make my boards with hollowed-out wood. A thin lamination is applied to ensure waterproofing. This adventure fascinates me. I even started planting Paulownia seedlings not far from the workshop to ensure future local wood production.




We restore and repair all boards, whatever the brand or material. Whether it is a small crack, a dent or the board that has “snapped in two”, we’re here to take care of your equipment. If the situation seems hopeless, come to the workshop. We’ll see what we can do.

Do not hesitate to bring us your “collector” board, we will be delighted to take a look at it and restore it if need be.



2022 RATES

The prices are like the boards, made to measure. 

To get an idea, here are indicative prices by category of shape and size. The price of a board depends on the size of the foam core. Let nothing stop you from being creative. You can imagine a 6′ egg, an under-7’ gun or a 9′ fish. It would be ginormous, but why not? 

The best is to contact me. I will evaluate the price of your future board as accurately as possible.

  • Shortboard & Fish < 6’6”
    from 700€
  • Mid-length eggs & singles < 7’6”
     from 800€
  • Longboards & guns < 9’6”
    from 1200€

These prices are indicative and include:       

  • Advice, Shape & Design
  • Insertion of leash plug and fin plugs
    ( Single or Thruster: Futures or FCS)
  • Wooden logo inlay & Signature
  • Stratification & Glass – Satin finish

Options, fins and leash are not included   

Worldwide delivery. Price upon request. 

Contact ME


+33 (0)6 43 40 09 94 

20 avenue de layatz – Zac de Layatz
64500 – St-Jean-de-Luz / France


We are generally closed if it’s offshore
and open when it’s onshore or in case Brouillarta!
Please give us a ring if you’re not sure.